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FDR went to Florida with Anton Cermak, the mayor of Chicago. My understanding is that it's likely the Chicago mob wanted Cermak dead while he was out of town and that FDR may not have been the actual target.


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Example 1

A: This fork is made of plastic.

B: Oh yeah? What evidence would persuade you that you're wrong?

Example 2

A: Trump won the election.

B: What evidence would persuade you that you're wrong?

A: Trump admitting that he lost.

Nah, this whole LPT sounds good, but I don't think it's very practical.


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Not everyone.

The Capitol Police knew, and they requested the national guard be brought in 3 days beforehand.

Someone intentionally made the National Guard sit on their hands.

People weren't shocked. This was an inside job.

I await further firings.


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His favorite band is Rage Against the Machine, and he very specifically starred in congress as the Machine.

But seriously, I have my own pet theory.

Remember when Republicsns were opposed to Trump? Remember too when they all met with Trump and emerged lije docile puppies? Remember further when the word on the street was that Republicans were afraid of Trump?

Finally, do you remember that, when the Russians hacked the DNC and Assange leaked the contents, the Russians also hacked the RNC and never leaked anything?

My theory is that Putin handed Trump damning contents from that leak which he revealed to them in that meeting. Trump then threatened to expose them if they didn't cooperate.

Paul 'Rage Against the Machine' Ryan finishes the meeting by saying they're all family and drops out of politics ASAP.

Trump is holding seriously damaging info provided to him by Putin and using it to manipulate the GOP.

Bill Barr says Trump's election claims are bullshit but thst he's still voting for him? He says that Trump will destroy the Republicans if he doesn't get the nomination?

Trump is going to reveal something devestating if he loses the nomination or gets imprisoned.


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