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I mean Amazon violated a NYC law requiring a notice that you were being tracked.

On the other hand, this was a store where the whole idea is that you are tracked and add things to your bag and leave without checking out. What do people think was going to happen? Obviously they are watching to see who grabs what so they can charge your account.


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Summary from another story:

At 10:51 p.m. Friday, two officers responded to the apartment complex in reference to a domestic disturbance. They encountered Bagley inside the apartment. Davis said Bagley got onto the balcony of the apartment from the back door, jumped down onto the ground and ran away from the officers.

That’s when Tyler began chasing Bagley. Davis said Tyler saw Bagley after coming around a corner and fired one shot. Bagley was hit in the chest. Police said the officers began to render medical aid. Bagley was taken to Ochsner LSU Shreveport, where he later died.

Davis said no weapons were found near Bagley or on his person.


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well sort of. They might do so in the future.

"Although not quite there yet, the researchers concluded that quantum-based computational chemistry on the kinds of quantum computers that will be available in the near-term will play “a vital role to find potential materials that can enhance the battery performance and robustness.” While they used a 20-qubit simulator, they suggest a 400-qubit quantum computer (which will soon be available) would be necessary to fully model the Li2Co2O4 and Co2O4 system they considered."


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Yes. Polluters needed to lower CO2 output decades ago. Islands will flood unless the govts find some incredible solution to lowering temps. E.g. simulating volcano eruptions worldwide to block 10% of sunlight. Which would then lead to reduced crop production and starvation. It's a fucking grim future for our children.