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Facebook is it's own nation. In the information age it's the most powerful nation on earth. Listen to Zuckerberg's recent speeches. He sounds like a despot because he knows he owns all he politicians that have any ability to stop him.


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I'll assume you never heard Homestead strike. Maybe you would have if he only built 2508 libraries. You see, when you have unlimited wealth you can also buy unlimited PR to whitewash the fact that you were once a mass murderer. No one should have unlimited wealth.


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it should be illegal. That's what kings do. One person shouldn't have the power to shape the direction a society leads, that's the job of government. The fact that we let companies skirt antitrust law for generations then allow the heirs of those companies to dictate societal changes is disgusting. If they want to create a charitable trust let THE PEOPLE decide where that money goes and who's name goes on it.


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Read up on what that scumbag Walton family does with their billions. They use CLATs to shelter their money from taxes.

The basic operation of a CLAT is as follows. The donor gives property to
a trust. The trust then pays the charity a certain amount each year for
a certain number of years. When the trust terminates, the property is
then transferred to the donor's heirs.

This is a modern kingdom. Not only has this scumbag family spent the last 30 years sending all of our manufacturing and trade secrets to communist China but they never had to pay a dime in taxes while they were selling out the U.S.A.


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yeah that's the manager, the guy working the griddle forgot to wear his pants to work, again. Bon Apetight!


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if you want to make your own chick fil a at home just cook a chicken patty and pour a mixture of honey molasses sugar bbq sauce and mayo then some more sugar into a bowl and pour it on top. It's amazing to me how people will wait in line to eat what is basically 2x the sugar content of mountain dew