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It’s made in several places. Vermont being one of them. The Netherlands being another. I’m guessing different flavors are made in different regions. They’re owned by Unilever so even though they still make some in Vermont they have factories in The Netherlands and Israel.


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It’s something I always brag about to friends from out of state. I always tell them that you can go to the coolest hiking trail or a really quaint park or an amazing waterfall and you’ll have the place to yourself. You might see a few other people but maybe see none. Everywhere I ever went in Colorado that was awesome was packed with people same for Massachusetts. Vermont there are just less of us


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As a singer I use a gargle made of hot water honey vinegar and cayenne pepper. I use cider vinegar usually but you can use others. The cayenne draws mucus to the surface the vneigar breaks it down the honey makes it more pleasant plus is a soother for throats. Gargle and spit. Usually mucus from deep in my throat comes out. Google it for exact recipes but it’s easy and works for singers to clear their throats