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I used to commute to the Mall & L'Enfant 3-4 days a week. I would bike to Penn, ride the MARC to Union, and bike to my office (where there was a gym with showers). It was a slog, but I didn't mind it. I had a hotspot and used "working on the train" as an excuse to get in later or leave earlier. (If you ever saw "MARC Public WiFi," that was my hotspot. 😇)

Prior to that, I used to drive to Gaithersburg 4 days a week. That was terrible.


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And how could I forget! Blue Pit is my favorite happy hour spot (along with pre-Covid Paulie Gee's back bar happy hour, but they're not open on Mondays, and I'm not sure if HH is back yet because I am also a homebody).


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I will drink $5 figgy pops at Rocket to Venus all day long (until 6:30 pm).

Dylan's has happy hour specials.

La Cuchara also has a pretty good happy hour.


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The Parkway and the Charles Theatre were the first theatres that came to mind.

But the 2640 Space (operated by Red Emma's) and Metro Gallery could also be worth looking into.

Obligatory pour one out for the Windup Space and whatever the event space that's now Bluebird used to be called.