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It's a stupid study.. this has been STUDIED TO DEATH... like to the point that it's now basic common sense amongst the population.

How on earth does someone get funding to run a study like this, these days?


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Came here to say exactly this...... I have a QR tattoo.. and I wrote a little app for my phone that lets me change the redirect at a moment's notice.

This means I can make the target of the QR-scan situational. Because I get to control where it directs to on a moment's notice, I can also make it as appropriate, or inappropriate as I want, for the given situation. It's seriously a great gag.

I own the domain / URL it directs to.. (domains aren't going away in my lifetime) and it's highly unlikely QR codes will go away in the next 50 years either. (Barcodes are still widely used, and they were invented 75 years ago). While there might be newer/better things that come out to replace them, I feel pretty safe knowing that cell phone cameras will likely happily scan a QR code for the next 50+ years.