broncoblaze t1_jaf0j3j wrote

Mines not particularly interesting or scary, but it is unexplainable to me.

Anyways I drove all night to visit my cousin in another state. When I got there, him and his wife were giving me a quick tour of the house before I went to bed. We get to the kitchen and a butcher’s knife that was in the sink seemingly, defies gravity and jumps out onto the floor. Nobody was near the sink. We were all across the room and no loud bangs happened to the floor to “bounce” it out of the sink.

I’m sure there’s an explanation to this, but none of us could figure it out. I was too tired to be scared and my cousin isn’t afraid of his own house. We went on with our lives. I wonder if he or his wife even remember it happening. I will never forget it though because I distinctly remember the impossibility of it. The sink was normal depth and the knife and a rando fork were the only thing in it. How did it bounce/ jump/ fall out of the sink with no human nearby, idk.


broncoblaze t1_j242jie wrote

The honeymoon scene brings me to tears every. single. time.

I love that scene so much it hurts. It’s not even supposed to be a sad scene, but tears creep out anyway. It might be the best manifestation of love that I’ve seen in a film.

I’m 32, single my whole life, never even been close to in love, but I hope to love someone like that one day. And I can’t even imagine someone else loving me like that. Honestly I wouldn’t know what to do. I feel more comfortable giving love then receiving.

It might never happen for me. Idk if that love is even realistic. But once a year, I watch that scene and see something so terribly beautiful, and I love it.