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People never get that for it to be a snub, it had to be better than at least one of the nominees. So you have to have watched at least one to even start making that claim. And if we're talking snubbed for the win, you have to have watched every movie nominated in that category


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Depending on where you are in the world, that's untrue. By definition, a goulash is a meaty stew, yet in the USA it's a pasta dish.

Is that wrong? No. Things are defined differently in different places.

Hell, by definition a pizza is a neapolitan style pizza. Yet other parts of Italy, and other parts of the world make it differently.


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I wouldn't say it's that much of a key ingredient. I know the history of the pizza margherita, but the basil is mainly just garnish, and doesn't add much to the dish itself (which is why it's so sparsely used even at neapolitan pizza places).

It's hardly different at all, which is why the name is often used for a pizza with cheese and tomato. And for what it's worth, it's not unlikely to be a more common name than "cheese pizza"


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From a rights standpoint, I guess you're mainly correct.

When it comes to overall bad shit done in recent times, they're so much worse to the point where a comparison seems ridiculous. The US was just an example, it's mainly weird how people choose to call put human rights violations but not mass murder and war crimes.

The is is certainly a theocracy itself though, to a certain extent


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Hur kan någon vara så snobbig över något som inte har någon som helst inverkan på rätten?

Även rätt intressant hur du skiftar från "the entirety of Sweden" till "klassikern" till "restaurangbesök". Snittsvensken äter väl mest troligt makaroner med frysköttbullar och ketchup? Imponerande om du talar svenska men aldrig besökt landet