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Reply to USPS again by rchhe

How DeJoy isn’t behind bars for treason and sabotage baffles me. Sure would be nice to have all those dozens of high tech sorting machines that we paid billions for… but yeah they’re much more useful as scrap…


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I bought a home for 150k. It’s a mobile, with land. I don’t wish to generalize, but it’s my suspicion that most people would find something affordable if they lowered their standards a bit. My home isn’t shiny but it’s liveable. Not in the area I desired most, but damn near. Widen your net. Put in some sweat equity. Vermont is always gonna be Vermont. People everywhere have always been people. Stories shape our lives, so take a more authorial approach and don’t believe everything you read.


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So how would you like we handle it, then? Wait around doing nothing until there’s a goddamned civil war? These people aren’t your enemy, they’re your countrymen. Fathers, brothers, FAMILY. Stop painting them like they’re all regularly in the streets committing acts of terror. 99% of them are benign and merely victims of an infectious cult like ideological phenomenon. We’ve been, as a species, resorting to violence to solve ideological disputes for… forever! Fuck me for celebrating trying something NEW


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Sounds like an egg of Eastern Parsons spiders just hatched. They will thin themselves out rather quickly, and then focus their attention on other insects in your house. They can bite, but aren’t a danger. And I’ve never been bitten despite handling them frequently. They are super quick. But without a photo, it’s only a guess.


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Central Vermont is pretty great IMO, and you’re close to a lot of easy-intermediate hiking. Groton state forest has some of my favorites, Spruce mountain, kettle pond, peacham bog, There’s a mountain biking park near Barre that’s actually great for easy hiking, it’s in a series of old (and active) quarries. Lovely little trails abound around Calais and East Montpelier that are never busy. Lots of maple creemee options. Hit up Red Hen bakery. Wayside diner. Mad Taco. Have fun