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I am not discouraged, just commenting that it was not in my way of thinking as my tips were day to day and my purchases from them were day to day. I enjoyed my work just couldn't use it like a normal 9to5 employee for budgeting.


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That way of thinking never worked for me only because I worked in a business where a lot of our pay was tips. One week coffee was minutes the next it was almost an hour. And most of the stories about late parties and sleeping all day are true, so money spent at the bar afterwards was therapy and on the worst nights you didn't care as long as you had cash.


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To me a drink with no ice does not taste right but a drink full of ice is worse, I usually ask for 3 or 4 ice cubes or less than a 1/4 full of ice if it is crushed, because it is needed to break the carbonation, i.e. the fizz. My nephew did the no ice for your reason, but I get that small tap of ice even at self serve soda dispensers.