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Boston is small, so most of these places are near common touristy spots.

They setup a bathroom on the common when the weather gets a little warmer. But the big tip is still to find the nearest hotel which should never be far away.


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The commuter rail pricing only sometimes worked when 5-day in person work weeks were the standard. Even then it was often just trading off driving less for less flexibility with cost being a wash.

Now it is a joke just like many of the MBTA's monthly pass options. They made some sense in the before times, but are silly for anyone going in 4 or fewer days a week.

So the commuter rail needs to find a new way to make sense. Dropping prices is one thing, but they also probably need more smaller trains (increased flexibility), and more proactive service for events or something. IDK. I'm not sure how you fix it, but holding the line and just expecting people to be forced into using it more (or even as much as before) is silly.


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In the early 2000s I got a fried clam (paper) bucket thing. They laid a piece of paper over the top of the bucket, pushed it down only a little bit, and only filled that little bit at the top. So it was way less food than it looked like.

I'm still getting heated thinking about it. Doesn't look like they even sell clams in that container anymore, but their $40 fisherman's platter is criminally small looking.


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That's typically the attitude on Reddit, but that doesn't really represent much relevant to those involved here.

The state could certainly start by expanding their existing rules on numbers of certain priced units. Make it price, density, proximity to public transit, etc. Unfortunately towns still fight it tooth and nail, but there's some foundation to work from there. Of course, that public transit needs to be come a little more useful too.


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You've already got some great help in this thread, but I just want to add that you should start documenting all communications. It might seem like a stupid waste of time, but if you can just start a spreadsheet listing dates of events or who you contacted when it'll potentially be very helpful.

You'll need something like this when/if you start withholding rent and it'll help simplify communication with inspectors, city councilors, or whoever in the mayor's office.

May even come in handy when you move out and Alpha tries to keep your deposit because they're a trash company.