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*Update- they found the bodies this afternoon.

Pertinent information from the article:

"Vancouver man is accused of violating a no-contact order with his girlfriend, among other allegations, in a December drive-by shooting case. Vancouver police say the woman and her 7-year-old daughter are also now missing.

..Warren is already charged in Superior Court with drive-by shooting, second-degree assault with a deadly weapon, gross misdemeanor harassment with bodily injury and two counts of fourth-degree assault, all under the domestic violence prong

...On Saturday, a friend reported that Melendez and her daughter were missing. She said she last saw Melendez on March 11 or 12. Warren had come to the friend’s apartment and taken custody of Layla, who had stayed there overnight. The friend said Melendez was unresponsive and partially clothed in Warren’s car, according to a probable cause affidavit.

..Prosecutors also noted he has a pending case for a 2017 homicide in Arkansas. Court records show he posted $250,000 bond in that case Dec. 13, 2017, the day after his arrest."