bsanchey t1_jeentsm wrote

No one cares about regular people leaving the city. They only care about the rich. Fine let the city be just the obscene wealth and the destitute poor. See how nice that works for you. No regular folks left to open regular businesses and do regular jobs that we take for granted. Tell me how fun that is. Peace ✌️ out


bsanchey t1_j7qjr2s wrote

Corporate stooge mayor making good on his corruption with swagger. Can’t have companies who put people over profit taking government contracts. How else will telecoms price gouge people and get paid by the government. Once Adams is gone and I hope it’s only one term. The telecoms will brazenly break the agreement and somehow the city and NYCHA residents will be paying triple.


bsanchey t1_j28ntib wrote

Yes but police need to grind for the candy crush world championship. Also yucky homeless people need to get kept from being seen because the brunch crowd can’t handle it. So where is an 11 billion dollar police budget are you going to have people enforce traffic laws.