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A suitable equivalent would be to ask any Jews if they are still angry about the Holocaust. Most would say yes but would also acknowledge that that times have changed and should strive for collaboration instead

That being said, Japan's imperial army flag is the equivalent of the Nazi swastika flag and they need to change it 🤣


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r/worldnews is news from the US perspective after all, and US obviously have an agenda to push when it comes to this topic as China is their main economic rival

Anything pro china = propaganda or bots

Anything positive sounding = must be fake news

Anything negative = no need to verify, must be true and updoot to the top

And the titles, they've gotta add some aggressive sounding titles to exaggerate the threat, "Slams, threatens, warns, upset, aggressively, "

US rounds up japanese in camps = internment camps

China rounds up Chinese uighurs in camps = genocide

Both actions are bad but the selective naming convention is quite evident

Some random guy in China tweets something bad on the the internet, and the titles are like "China says etc etc"

The west isn't one entity, nor is the east. Every country's got their own interests and will ultimately does what's best for itself.