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I'm in my 50's and Froot Loops are a great once-in-a-decade treat. Don't diss weirdly colored milk! Also, they've changed a lot. They're bigger, foamier, and have far less coloring than they used to. They're frankly not nearly as good as they used to be.


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Yup. I had a pair of California towhees in my backyard one year that were nearly finger tame. I could have gotten them there in a few weeks, but one of them got their head snapped in a rat trap I had hidden behind a bush. I was sooooo sad when I realized I'd killed one of them by not hiding the trap better. The other one left shortly thereafter. Hopefully they found a new mate. They're really strongly pair bonded.


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Mask up with a good mask, get a couple cheap disposable protective "onesies" online, put plastic sheeting on everything you don't want dust on/in, and create negative pressure with a box fan in an open window. Keep dust down with a spray bottle with water in it. Wear your worst clothing and toss it in the trash. Shower when you're done. It's not hard or expensive to be safe.