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>Surely he can't get less than the plea bargain.

A plea bargain is between him and the prosecutors. It can be whatever good or bad deal the accused and the prosecutors come to.

But, we're at the part where the prosecutors are out of the picture, with their job done. The judge is not bound by arrangements the prosecutors tried to come to.


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Looks to me like the utilities are slow rolling them. The wind folks can't answer certain questions because the utilities aren't engaging with them on all the fronts.

The existing utilities who stand to lose money if wind succeeds, are somehow ABLE to put out a stumbling block?

That's Massachusetts Politics RIGHT THERE. Someone intended that.


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You know, you have people bitching in this thread about how people from out of state bought up all the good land before mainers could after that law passed.

Well, bub, those same assholes from NY and MA are building grid sized strorage at the moment, and you know why maine is gonna miss the boat?

Because you would rather moan and catastrophize and cry poor. If mainers don't, some asshole will.

I can only point at the sane future, I cannot chose YOUR LANE for you, but do try to take it on board, yea?


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I believe in paying for nice things.

That is how we get nice things.

You want to keep your bill cheap at the expense of the atmosphere? You a dollar slave, burning your kids futures to keep up your lifestyle choices? I invite you to take a longer term view, if you are capable.

Literally you can just put a lump of literal coal in their stocking. How bout that.