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>Good point, but some of us don't like to drive before we go for a walk or run.

It's good when some of us realize life is not a Burger King and we don't always get it just our way.

Sounds like you don't like where you live.

Rather than expecting everyone else AND the buildings to change to suit, maybe you should be somewhere with roads and buildings you like, arranged as you prefer?

Not being mean, just, maybe you should live somewhere else?


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I moved to the suburbs about 5 years ago. Since then there has been a sidewalk installed for about all of the two miles from here to the town center. The town center and the road all the way along have been regraded and then repaved with improvements made to stormwater control, there are new crosswalks and other traffic controls, and the shopping center there has also just been repaved.

I am thinking that you have seen what you have seen, but there are 50 or so communities that can each be called a suburb, and they are each in a different place and heading in a different direction. You did not describe the suburb I live in really at all.


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This is all so sad, I hope you can find care and also justice for your father. People can be so awful, and it is important that we tell the stories.


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I am familiar with the sound.

I am also familiar with someone playing what if and getting other people to round-up in their imaginations something you know full well isn't loud, and isn't placed near houses.

Go ahead. cite me a dB range at 100 feet from the equipment.

We can wait. The info is out there, but the claim was yours. So can be the proof.