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I made this using Kontur's global population density dataset and overlaid it on some files from MassGIS. Each hexagon is roughly 1/4 sq. mile, and the most populated hex (outlined in teal if you zoom WAY in) is where Tremont meets Mass Ave in the South End.


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To be honest, because I'm just dipping my toes into GIS. It's not my strong suit. I built this using R and a package that queries OSM, since R is my forte and the package made the data easily accessible.


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I agree, but that term is used in part to make kelp products more accessible to consumers who haven’t had it before. No one wants to eat “algae”.

Sea lettuce, Irish moss, nori - those names all allude to plants. In part because we thought they actually were plants/vegetables, but I think the names haven’t been supplanted (pun intended) by the industry because many consumers without a science background would still assume they are plants and be more likely to try them.


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Haha yeah I did get the CARFAX to see if some other dealer is selling it. But that’s as far as I’ll go sleuthing wise. Hoping whoever owns it reaches out rather than me finding them. It's weird and I'm not ashamed of that, but I'm not going to go bothering people with my weirdness.