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They pardoned federal crimes. Your statement was about the state level so that is what I responded to.

It is unclear to me if the president has those powers, pretty sure that has to be Congress.

> ...As these opinions confirm, a presidential pardon removes, either conditionally or unconditionally, the punitive legal consequences that would otherwise flow from conviction for the pardoned offense. A pardon, however, does not erase the conviction as a historical fact or justify the fiction that the pardoned individual did not engage in criminal conduct. A pardon, therefore, does not by its own force expunge judicial or administrative records of the conviction or underlying offense.



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You are right, but:

> “a pardon removes or prevents the attachment of all consequences that are based on guilt for the offense,”


I would suspect that standard employment/housing discriminatory practices would be in play. Pretty sure Congress would have to expunge the records.


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Literally the first paragraph, and this can only cover Federal because Congress or States need to do the rest.

> The Department of Justice on Friday launched an application form that people who were covered under President Joe Biden’s mass marijuana pardon can fill out to demonstrate that they were granted clemency. ...The relief was automatic...