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Been using a Litter Robot for the past 16 years with great success. Home Depot has 10 gallon trash can liners which fit perfectly.


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I repair laptops (among other things) and I can honestly say 99% of my customers with touch screens have told me that they never or almost never use them.

Jobs made a semi-famous speech some years ago about why Macs don’t have touch screens, and he was entirely right about it. Granted, the equation has changed a LITTLE since then; specifically, iOS wasn’t a thing. So I could see exactly one reason to have a touch screen on a MacBook: full out-of-the-box compatibility with iOS apps. This will NEVER happen as it will cannibalize Apple’s sales, but if Apple ever made a MacBook with a screen that can flip 180 degrees and effectively be an iPad, I’d buy three of them today.