buddytheferret t1_j9z79ki wrote

I was 15 when this song came out and I never understood the appeal either. With some things it is a time and a place, but there is oftentimes no explanation for why you like or don't like something. I've tried to analyze my preferences my whole life and have never been able to quite figure out why my tastes are what they are.

I love Nirvana, but think In Utero is better than Nevermind. Like Blood Sugar Sex Magik but not really anything else from Red Hot Chili Peppers. I think Facelift is Alice in Chains best album and never play any of their others anymore. Love GNR but think Estranged and Coma are much better than November Rain or Don't Cry. I believe that Peace Sells, Rust in Peace and Countdown to Extinction are all better than anything Metallica has ever done.

A lot of it comes down to vocals and lyrics to me. Lemmy may not be able to sing, but his lyrics and his presentation make Motorhead head and shoulders above just about everyone else, to me and I think he was making music in the 90s and beyond with Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee that rivaled the classic lineup with Philthy and Fast Eddie Clark.

I'm sure very few people will think I'm anything but nuts, or a moron for these statements, but it's all opinion. Sometimes questions like yours can lead to a better appreciation of something you don't quite understand, but in my experience it usually doesn't, but it does help you understand your own tastes a little more.