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I really like the work. I have a very similar process. I use AI to generate images based on prompts that describe moments in my life that I have no record of. I like that it is sort of like asking the collective internet to picture what I am trying to remember. I usually blend a few variations into one painting. There is something nice about the intersection between the deeply personal and the artificially compiled. Nice to see someone else using AI in a similar way.


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Just start writing. Maybe it’s prose at first, maybe it poetry. Find some of the phrases that resonate and feel true and use them as kind of landmarks. Be specific in detail rather than broad. Generalities won’t connect as much and feel like ad copy whereas a specific personal detail can be felt by an audience, even if it isn’t true to their life. If you have a rhythm in mind you can start mapping your words to that. They don’t need to match perfectly, but think about phrases or lines fitting with or dancing around the beat, whatever suits the music and the content. Then, try it out. If it doesn’t work don’t throw the whole thing out but rework it keeping parts that you like. If you are just starting writing songs, there is nothing wrong with borrowing some style from artists you admire (without plagiarizing). Play it for some friends and be open to feedback. Criticism of your creative work is not criticism of you, it helps you get closer to making something great.


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Reply to The X-Files by CTFX84

Every time I see Giovanni Ribisi I picture him as that kid that could control electricity and switch the stop lights to crash cars.


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For bands with enough depth to really dive into:

Pixies, Built To Spill, Blonde Redhead, Mew, Flaming Lips, Jane’s Addiction, PJ Harvey, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Spiritualized, Stooges/Iggy Pop, Velvet Underground/Lou Reed, all of Damon Albarn’s projects (Blur/The Good The Bad & The Queen, Gorillaz, Mali Music, solo)…


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Is it me, or is this sub just 90% “things that look sort of like dicks” at the moment? I’m just saying, we get it. Stuff sometimes looks kind of like a dick.


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Totally. I mainly meant that using mannequins as the location for data gathering hardware was not common as it’s not necessary or as flexible as most other options to gather similar and greater data.


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I work in retail design and technology and can say that, while this exists it is far from wide spread. There are many more effective and accurate ways of capturing customer data in use. One of the hard to decipher points with smart displays is that it is difficult to tell from audience reactions what exactly the customer is reacting to. Could be the whole outfit, a single item, the mannequin pose or visual merchandising elements, etc.


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I mean, really it’s not 1989… yeah they just are on the same level as Nirvana to me in terms of influence. Not that I expect them to be super popular with that audience. I imagine Dave Grohl feels some reverence for them, so must be cool for him, though maybe they’ve played together before. Just mean, I’m not surprised but reality sometimes just reminds me that I’m older than I feel.

Also feeling old because I have never heard of Drew Holcomb. But hey, I know Turnstile and Kodak Black (sits in rocking chair a shakes fist at cloud).


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It’s just this. The first year or so is just getting the fingers to learn the forms and build up strength. You could always supplement practice with some exercises for hands (a always had one of those squeezey things and the pair of metal balls to roll around, which may or may not have helped build up finger strength and dexterity).