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Except it's not a 1:1 ratio of taxi users and taxi cars. If a taxi covers the commute for 15 people in a day, then it's +1 and -15. It is less vehicles on the road. But.... It's more miles driven because the taxi has to get from fare to fare.

ETA: taxis subsidize the cost of car ownership, they don't reduce congestion.


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Less cars compared to everyone driving themselves, but more miles driven by cars because that one car needs to commute between dropoff of one person and the pickup of the next.


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As long as the holograms of the animals are captured ethically then it's very different. The issue with animals performing at the circuss is the well-being of the animals. The issue with showing people with deformities or other extreme physiology is exploitation. Our society has no issue with the exploitation of animals, as long as they are well treated in that exploitation.


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Had a friend bring a store bought dutch chocolate cake over for Friendsgiving with about 10 people one year. He cut the first piece at a reasonable size, everyone else followed suit, and by the time everyone got theirs about half the cake was left. By that time the friend had finished his piece, politely asked if anyone else wanted anymore (meanwhile we're all two bites in to ours), and after everyone said no, he pulls the cake container in front of him and then proceeds to eat the entire second half of the cake in about the time it took for me to eat my one slice!