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WTF is up with the downvotes in this thread?

also who would put in the effort to set up a card reader that sits outside in the snow? u less you mean a laminated QR code that takes you to a paypal account


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There’s nothing wrong with complimenting someone or being flirty in real life when you’re initiating contact, as long as you respect boundaries and stop instantly if you’re rejected


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Don’t listen to that poster, tons of people still meet SO’s in person

You gotta make yourself have a level of confidence and charisma. I know it’s bad for you, social smoking circles outside bars are great places to start conversation. Find a bar with darts or pool tables. Bring a book to a bar and look around

If you don’t drink (or smoke) you can still do all these things with soda waters or N/A beers

For PVD bars:

Ogies, The Eddy, Wild Colonial, Hot Club, The Eddy, Slow Rhode


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You do realize there’s over 60 million republicans in the US? Do you really think such a blanket statement is applicable to that large of a group?

Let me guess- “anyone stupid enough to follow such a dumb party isn’t intelligent and/or is a bad person! Wee!”


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The democratic party has become so extreme and so unwilling to see any wrongdoing within their own party - and have spent all their time and energy into opposing whatever the republicans bring to the table - instead of actually bringing in an opposing, forward moving view. It's all just fearmongering at this point.