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Phil Ochs was a leftist, not a conservative. The above quote was the intro to his song, "Love Me, I'm a Liberal" which is a leftist critique of liberals, in the same way leftists like Sanders are critical of Pelosi, for example.

The distinction between liberals and leftists is not something that's widely understood. I would argue liberals and conservative probably have more in common with each other than do liberals and leftists. Liberals, like conservatives, believe that capitalism can be used to solve all or most problems.

The best example is probably healthcare policy. The liberal solution is Obamcare, which is very much a market-based system. The leftist solution is Medicare for all at the very least, or even an NHS-style system where practitioners are either govt employees or essentially contractors.


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For context, I live in Philly, but have spent a lot of time in Chicago over the years and think the cities are very similar. I'm also an Allentown native.

Bethlehem will be an easier adjustment for you. It tends to be more affluent with a better arts scene and nightlife, and it has more of an urban feel.