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I'm curious what happens if they fully succeed. All the towns that do this will end up being defacto retirement communities. Nobody can afford to move there except established boomers. Younger families with money aren't going to want to move to a town that has nothing but old people, because the schools will suck.

Nobody is winning.


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It’s all seasonal work. Jobs include cheap, and even sometimes free, housing and food. It’s a great way to save money because you work and don’t really have bills. I have a friend who got a DUI, lost his license and was on track to be homeless. He found a job at a resort and over the course of a season was able to save up $10k.


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My wife worked at a restaurant that didn't keep payroll. Most of the kitchen was paid under the table. Employees wouldn't get paid unless they tracked down the manager and asked for a check. Checks bounced. It was all clear as day. She reported all of it and nothing came of it.

I'm half expecting employers to start taking advantage of this. They can get away with a lot before it rises to a level that is addressed. It's incredibly prevalent in restaurants because people will quit and get a new job rather than deal with the problem.


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They’re disappointing. They’re fairly warm and they’ll keep your feet dry in rain/light snow. They’re not comfortable at all. The food bed couldn’t be less supportive. As everyone else has mentioned, they have no grip at all. They are the opposite of non-slip. I made the mistake of wearing them while walking on a wet restaurant floor. They aren’t worth the money.