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This has everything to do with battling the opioid epidemic. Doctors were misled and lied to by Purdue reps regarding the addictiveness of these drugs. Purdue pushed oxycodone HARD. This absolutely led to patients becoming addicted, and later overdosing. Purdue was taken to court by multiple states over this.


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“ If consciousness is fundamental and primary to all else, rather than an emergent property of complex matter, then, in a strange twist of fate, this would mirror many of the great religious teachings throughout the ages.”

I wouldn’t call it a strange twist. I think our history of religious teachings is the reason the idea has so much of a foothold in the first place. Just because we can imagine consciousness existing outside the brain does not give the theory any credence.


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It seems like Waymo exclusive operates in Phoenix. If their models don't currently allow them to handle other cities well, would this be a case of their machine learning over-fitting the training set? And if so how do they overcome that in order to expand?