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That may be true, but not all of them, right? They only bash certain politicians and policies. Fox's 180 on Trump should tell you how much they actually care about the things they say. One day he was a serious danger to America and the next he was our only hope. The media we have are controlled by the wealthy and report things in ways that are favorable to their worldview - or to their ratings. That's not a conspiracy theory, that's literally our system.

It's the same way the Republicans can call themselves the party of small government while every Republican administration balloons the deficit. They just literally do not give a shit if the reality lines up with what they are saying, and apparently neither do their voters.

MSNBC may spend their days bashing certain policies or politicians of the GOP. But they simply don't have to platform ideas that are to the left or to the right of the ideas they wish to discuss. If you say inconvenient things, they simply don't have to ever mention you or your ideas.


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It's only a joke in the sarcastic sense. It's implying there is no left-wing media in the US, because there is no left-wing media in the US. If you follow this thread down you'll see further discussion of the topic, or you're welcome to present any left-leaning media in the US as a retort. Hint: None of the right-leaning media you've been told by other right-leaning media is left-leaning actually is.


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Well said. That was exactly the point I was trying to get across. The sad reality is that leftist media wouldn't be popular because it wouldn't be all doom and gloom. Have you watched the news lately? Turns out everything is bad everywhere, except for here, where it's getting worse. The very nature of for-profit "news" is anathema to a leftist world view.


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You're confusing ability with intent. The US didn't intend to flatten Afghanistan. Let's be honest, no one really knows what they intended, but leveling the country was not in the remit. The US military was not built to fight insurgents in their own mountains.

What the US military is good for is fighting another large military in open warfare. And in that capacity, The only force on the planet that could contend with any one branch of the US military is another branch of the US military. The Navy has 11 aircraft carriers with 60 planes each. China has one. Russia had one.

The Russians are struggling to defeat Ukraine. A country with a third the population and a hundredth the landmass. If the US decided to act militarily in Russia (and nukes didn't exist), the war would be over in a month. We have a standing peacetime military that is larger than their wartime active military.

Also the US lost about 2,400 people in Afghanistan. The Afghanis lost at least 240,000. That may not be winning, but it doesn't look like losing.


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I was responding to your made-up statistic. 90%? There are 195 countries in the world, what even is 10% of that? There are 19.5 countries more lefty than the US?

My point was that you are biased. You are drawing conclusions based on your opinion and then presenting it in numerical form. That's the data I'm talking about.

The Left should be anti-war? Why? Why should the right be pro-war? Who told you that these political opinions are aligned this way? There's no historical basis for that. The left and right were both mixed in favor of WW1 and 2, Korea, Vietnam, and MiddleEastHappyFunTime 1 and 2. The notion that Left means anti-war is your own color because of the eventual political alignment at the end of the Vietnam conflict. That's exactly one instance where being left meant anti-war and being right meant pro-whateverthefuckvietnamwas.

Realistically, the Right should be anti-war. It's a wasteful expenditure and an overreach of government. You seem to have conflated the individual politics of the GOP with "Right" and politics of some of the Donkeys with "Left". That's unmoored in global politics, historical politics, or really anything else. It is literally the narrative you have been programmed from the corporate media you consume.

The GOP are a center-right party with nationalist tendencies, globally speaking. The Dems are also a center-right party, this time with some historical flag-burning tendencies. But those times are decades ago, you don't see Nancy Pelosi out there without a bra on. There is no left-wing party in the US, just as there is no left-wing media. Maybe Democracy Now! or other crap like that, but neither you nor I consider that to be mainstream, and with up to 200k viewers an ep, it really isn't.

And Ukraine is not a proxy war. Principals aren't participants in a proxy war. I suppose you could claim that it is half-proxy, but that's a pretty novel formulation and inaccurate. The US is doing literally the barest minimum to aid that country. I am not pro-war myself, but I am confident that the US military could completely flatten the Russian army in a heads-up conflict. If the US were directly involved in Ukraine, it would already be over.


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Well none, if you get to define what left is.

I think you’re confusing agenda items of the American left with left-wing politics. Abortion, for example, is not a left-right issue. Or more accurately, the parties in the United States are misaligned on the abortion issue. Conservatives should be opposed to government interference in medical decisions.

So really the issue is one of perspective. What you really mean is that you perceive the US to be left-leaning based on the policies you prioritize. That’s simply not the same thing as statistics. If you have any data you’d like to present, I’m glad to read it, but these are just feelings you have.


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That is the formulation they would like you to believe yes. But MSNBC is not in the far left of American politics, or at least were not whenever I’ve seen them. They have a center-right bias just like the Democrats. I’m not sure you know what the left actually wants, but it’s not the stuff advocated by msnbc.

Oh and by the way, the US is in no way left of 90% of nations, that is an absurd and completely made up statement. And nationalized healthcare should be a right-wing agenda item, as it would save untold billions of dollars and produce better outcomes.


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MSNBC is owned by Comcast. CNN is owned by Time Warner.

Both of those are corporations placing them at the right end of American politics. If either of them ever come across as left-leaning, it is simply a disguise of their true corporate nature.

You have been told by the right wing media that another part of the right wing media is the left.


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I guess it's a question of phraseology. When you said 'most foreign ISIS fighters were from Russia', you meant 'the largest single contingent of fighters were Russian'. Right? Otherwise that chart proves the opposite of what you were saying. But I get your point. You think the preponderance of Russian troops implies Russian control of the situation. I don't think you've proven that, but I suppose it's probably not very provable as it were.

As for the rest of what you were saying... yeah. It's all pretty true. It's been the playbook for a long time. It's honestly one of Russia's greatest exports, the Paranoid State. That's the Soviet system of government, despite the label.