byneothername t1_itdc73x wrote

It’s a funny read purely from a “is Dracula a corporation?” perspective. Dracula comes in, buys a lot of land, basically trying to do some takeover of London. They form a corporation to defeat him - Mina is their secretary! - full of people so that if one dies, they can replace them, so they’re also their own undying entity. Only way to beat ‘em. I enjoy this book and the Coppola film as very silly stories that take themselves seriously. They are incredibly cheesy.


byneothername t1_itawg9b wrote

I maintain that this is an unintentionally hilarious book. I was taught that it was an extended metaphor for corporations (undying entities), which makes the scene near the end where they stab Dracula and coins come out, all the funnier. The movie cracks me up too, although for different reasons.