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You'd think so, but some stubborn people don't learn lessons even the hard way. My dad still trivializes salmonella, listeria, etc. by deriding food safety habits (handwashing, wiping surfaces, bleaching cutting boards) even though he's been hospitalized for contracting a foodborne illness. Mind you, he was out after one night, but that doesn't justify trivializing the incident.


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Yeeaahh, that's exactly how narcs think. They don't see other people. They see toys, puppets, and sources of admiration for their egos. Relationships are transactional and shallow even tho at the start the narcs will pretend that they're not.

I'm glad that this person is your ex. Narcs are pretty much evil.


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Does it really taste better to "most" people? Could be. I've never seen a scientific poll on this (tho I'm gonna go look). But not to me and my family. I've been eating whole wheat foods my whole life (I've eaten mostly home-cooked meals) and strongly prefer the nutty flavour of whole wheat over the blandness of white flour. I usually add just a smidge % more oil/butter to my baking to counteract the slight uptick in perceived dryness, but for tortillas, roti, and naan, I can't tell any difference in dryness, just a nuttier flavour.

Anyway, I think people get used to what they get used to, like how Yanks can't tell that their supermarket white breads are usually basically confectionery.


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I don't care that much about my birthday, but I also learned that people who actually care about me will probably say or do something. Reminding them could help, tho, because although some people care, they might forget.


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The Canadian World Juniors have been accused en masse of sexual assaults. Then we found out that the Hockey Canada organization covered it up. Then we found out that it was using taxpayer funds to build up a shush fund (to silence victims of assault). But even after all those now-known problems, the organizers who set up the fund and who swept the assaults under the rug were playing the deny, deny, deny game. Then more public backlash ensued. Then Hockey Canada's sponsors (most of which are huge Canadian brand names) started to jump ship, including Nike, Tim Hortons, Canadian Tire, and more.

Hockey is, umm, kinda huge here, so this has made all sorts of national headlines.

Obviously, if I got any details a bit wrong, someone correct me. But you get the gist.