cabinetsnotnow t1_j6kkewg wrote

I'm not saying that I shouldn't pay any school taxes. Educated kids become educated adults who go into society, so I get why paying for education is important.

What I'm saying is that I don't think I should be expected to keep paying for more and more expenses that should fall on parents who chose to have kids. If the problem is that daycares are overcharging parents for their services, then do something about that. Taxpayers picking up the tab should not be the default solution to everything.


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To be frank, I already pay over $4,000 per year for school taxes and obviously that amount will always gradually increase over time. It's not reasonable to expect others to just keep forking out more and more of their income for parents and kids. People without kids who are struggling financially and go without food and housing usually have an impossible time getting help from the government already. While people with kids just keep getting more help. At what point does it end?


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Another issue I have with this is that using welfare seems to be something that is passed on from generation to generation now. So if we start paying parents to stay home with their kids, what's to stop their kids from becoming adults and having kids and just never actually entering the workforce? Nothing. I think there are better ways to help support parents.