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i disagree with photos as a good example. the skyline in your example never changes is. and you and i can stand at the same spot and take the same photo with the same camera and it will turn out the same.

on the other hand this is not true for ai art. you and i can use the sample computer and provide the same prompts and we will get something different for the same prompt.


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correct. nothing specific. I’ve given it a bit of code and asked it to add doc strings to it. it was meh.

I’ve asked it to help me set up a new environment. it gave me old set up instructions but was able to make my way through by changing old versions. a lot like google.

it will write a lot of boiler tests. I’ve asked it to write a script and then write a unit test for the script. that was also meh but it was a good scaffold


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why are you using it if it does all that? the dilemma is with banning any app from the app store without justifications and unfortunately your justification is only enough to get it off government phones.


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haha. like i said, name calling is the absolute best you have offer.

i quoted you and asked you how to regulate “crypto” and you gave me an article about banks

when i suggested that banks don’t apply to “crypto” (how could they, crypto is the commodity not the entity). or is it?

what did you mean by crypto?

anyhow, when i mentioned it you got defensive and called me names.

I’ve since been called more names drawn from what i would suggest is a limited vocabulary to start with.


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nope, you don't get out by changing your mind at the end.

> Getting away from regulations is one of the core tenets of crypto, that its supporters constantly espouse as a positive.

Those are your words so stop gaslighting me.

Now do you want to asnwer my questions about how "crypto" is supposed to be regulated or are you going to keep playing these games like i'm new here.


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You mean what you're doing now? The difference is that I proposed the reasons your argument is flawed. (as a reminder, you're conflating exchanges and "crypto", whatever that is).

you, on the other hand, only call me names. Don't raise your voice, raise evidence to support your argument.

Please, i've been waiting.


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> Tell that to the millions of people that lost billions in FTX because it was unregulated and it ran on smoke and mirrors

This is how i know you don't understand. Those millions of people would still have their assets if folks like you would educate others on proper uses within crypto instead of bemoaning the regulation of tradfi establishments.


I won't get a new line because it's so true. GIJOE said it best, "knowing is half the battle"


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it’s literally your identity when making transactions and you can’t describe how to regulate it because you’re talking about ui/ux and not the protocol.

who is y’all, i use uniswap, 🤡.

the real problem is that you keep talking about prices and exchanges because your short sighted.

the same reason you can’t grasp censorship resistance is the same reason you don’t understand distributed systems.


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The answer is you can’t and that’s why i brought it up.

i need you to be clear with your deceit. say it with me, you can’t regulate crypto.

you can regulate centralized exchanges but you said you want to regulate crypto so explain how.

and stop sharing an article we’ve already agree is irrelevant to regulating custodial wallets (keys)

eta: the article talks about crypto platforms (ui/ux like ftx and not crypto protocols like uniswap) being regulated and research, so… strong evidence for not being able to regulate….

hahaha unless by regulate you mean write stern letters. 🤡


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this is the best you got? please tell me how the use of keys can be regulated? pleas tell me. that’s the basket you’re going to put your chips into?

keep trying with that article though. you can regulate centralized entities all day. regulating banks is fine but don’t confuse exchanges with crypto.

eta: still waiting for you to explain how the what will get regulated?