cachemonet0x0cf6619 t1_ixq5575 wrote

folks using the word regulation don’t understand the technology.

this is a global peer to peer network. mfers haven’t regulated downloading movies off the internet what makes you think they’ll regulate a public financial infrastructure.

mfers really can’t answer the where and how or regulation.

what are you gonna do?

stop me from creating public and private keys?

you gonna stop me from using public rpcs? you gonna stop me from using command line on my computer? make cryptography illegal.

like, this isn’t hypothetical. fucking regulate if you can.


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umm, y’all remeber the net neutrality discussion we had a few years ago.

that’s what this is. you’re providing special treatment.

you can’t tax netflix and not brit box? if you did what’s the bar that gets britbox to pay taxes.

i get that they want revenue but it shouldn’t be at the expense of competition.