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This is all true. It seems like ferries would ideal for being electrified, considering they don’t go too far and are on a set course.

I’m still hopeful that we can manage to build a better biodiesel infrastructure to help support machinery/boats/planes. But everyone may keep pushing electric-powered transport


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1400 sqft, 2 people.

$200ish for electricity

I have a woodstove and oil furnace.

Your bill sounds kinda spot on based on the fact that you have a heat pump and multiple freezers etc.

It’s getting expensive, learn how to conserve. My wife thinks i’m crazy but i unplug most things when not in use. You could also look into getting a woodstove to help offset the heat pumps during cold spells


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wow i would have never thought this many people in Maine want tamales.

Talked about it with what wife before but maybe i need to start a tamale business