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Don't know what to tell you. Your mom and I are probably similar age. I graduated Edward R Murrow in 1987. Used to go to the village a lot. 8th street playhouse once a week for midnight showing of Rock Horror - that would be the 1 train to Christopher Street. I'd hang out at CBGBs a lot. That was the 6 to Bleecker. Home was 2/3 to Eastern Parkway. And then Murrow was D,M, and Qb.

I was always on the trains, but these were pretty much my go-to places. There were always shitty nights, of course, but by and large, the trains were a WHOLE lot more reliable back then.


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B and Q line. I'd say once or twice a week there are delays during the evening rush hour. Signal problems, track fires, police activity. About once every few months I need to take a cab home. When that happens, it's a signal problem on multiple lines and I guess the whole system is gummed up for a few hours.


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Did my undergrad and graduate work in northern California. Somehow, MUNI and BART both did their track work between 9pm and 6am and tried very hard to get the lines all back to normal by morning rush hour.

But aside from that, I don't really see improvement during weekday service from track work. Still sucks.

Those of us who are in our 50s lived through really bad NYC crime when we were teens. But the trains were so freaking reliable. Fast. Frequent. Reliable. Yeah, they were all graffitied up. Yeah, they weren't safe. But you chose one of the conductor's car, and it was always OK. Coming home from a night partying was awesome. Even in the dead of night, you'd wait maybe 20 minutes.

These days I can wait 20 minutes during rush hour!


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Why are we asking people in the south to give up Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis? How is this any better? Weren't they "white leaders who are not pleasing to black people"?

Why can't people just be boring and moderate? By the end of Trump's Presidency I didn't even care what he did. I was just so exhausted from reading about the crazy shit every day.