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I had hoped that I wouldn't need to put /s after my comment, that the humor would've been apparent. I meant it as a joke "only saving lives" being the punchline, of sorts.

I meant it in the way that we live in a world where beauty and vanity are so much more important than actual important things. For example, teachers making tiny salaries for dozen have hour workdays, 7 days a week while celebrities and athletes make sometimes tens of millions a year.

My comment was supposed to be a joke. :*(



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Honestly, it would take policies and investments that I just don't see as being pushed through in any meaningful way.

It would take money from the very corporations that no longer require the labor that enabled them to remove said labor.

The incentive to NOT spend valuable profits on people they don't need anymore just doesn't exist.

The government COULD force them to do so, but they will lobby as much as possible to stop that from happening in any meaningful way.


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Hey now, we're busy hating on China and pretenting "large, profit driven corporations aren't the problem, China is the problem."

Don't go spouting logic and sanity in here, how dare you!



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What a load of crap. A month or so after the covid restrictions, definitely hell. For all of China. Everyone was getting sick, it was hard. An opportune time to "report" on such conditions if your goal is to make Chinese factories seem like hell.

Having worked as a consultant in MANY Chinese factories, I simply can't believe this is anything more than a continued effort to condition westerners into believing China is a horrible place with horrible leaders and horrible bosses.

Tell that to the thousands of Chinese workers I've met who work in conditions that are as normal as one would expect from a normal workplace. I can imagine peak times will be a constant rush, if China doesn't make your stupid iPhone 15 that you just HAVE to have, some other country will, and it'll be just as "hell" for them as it is for China. More so, considering how inexperienced they'll be at doing it, how many "these things happen in a new factory" problems pup up and how much pressure a new workforce will be under to produce your damn phones and iPads.

Still, besides the point, articles like this aren't about bringing the truth to westerners, they're about creating and sustaining a narrative that keeps the west fearing and hating China.

This is NOT reality for the people of China. I have firsthand experience with this, 17 years of it. Go ahead and tell me how wrong I am because you've read a ton of news articles about it.