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That’s generally good advice, though for right now 4.14% is near the balance point for savings vs debt. Savings interest is taxed as income, and if OP is in the 22% tax bracket ($44,725-$98,375) they’d need to get 5.3% interest to breakeven post-federal-tax (likely slightly higher depending on state taxes).


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Your intuition is pretty spot on - light and sound are both waves (light does have quantum behavior as photons sound doesn’t, but when they’re acting as waves they’re similar), and both can be absorbed by materials they pass through - depending on the material some wavelengths are absorbed more, and some wavelengths are absorbed less. Think like how you can hear a neighbor’s TV’s bass easier than speech, for instance.

What you’re experiencing in particular is that the wavelengths you can see and the wavelengths you can hear are impacted by typical construction materials differently. If you could see X-ray wavelengths you’d be able to see through walls just as easily as you can hear through them, for example. Conversely, if your walls were made with noise absorbing foam like are used in recording booths then they would be opaque to visible light and also “opaque” to audible sound waves.


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> All i'm saying is little children shouldn't be involved in choosing their gender. […] They have their whole adult life to learn and explore their sexuality.

To be sure, gender and sexuality are entirely distinct. A man may feel extremely uncomfortable being required to wear a dress, and that has nothing to do with whether he is sexually attracted to other men, or women, or both, or neither.

Gender is about presentation in society, and there’s no reason to assume that children can’t understand it or know that the presentation they are being required to have do not match how they feel - like that man forced to wear a dress.