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I don’t know if the rules were different 60 years ago and I’m not a legal expert but isn’t the whole idea of having a jury of your peers (as opposed to professional jurors) to consider everything they heard in the trial and question it if in their own judgement they think something was incomplete or wrong? I do know that today the judge tells jurors not to do their own research so going out on the street and finding the same knife would probably result in a mistrial.


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I suppose it depends on the city or county. I worked doing due diligence for real estate transactions throughout California for over 20 years and the best I could ever find were simple site plans and maybe an elevation. No structural plans were ever saved. Maybe in todays digital world they are available but there’s nothing for the old buildings.


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This is a myth perpetuated by the movies. You can’t go down to the “hall of records” and look at blueprints for every building to find out where the heating ducts are that lead to the treasure room. Once the city finalizes all of its inspections it gives the plans back to the builder and doesn’t keep a copy.


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Even with the chart at the bottom showing box office gross adjusted for inflation the circles are misleading. It would be more interesting to see a chart comparing what the actual theater attendance was by decade. It could further be refined by showing the attendance ratio compared to total population.