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Yeah that was an interesting one. I saw some comments calling that "terrifying," and I generally agree. One counterpoint is that I read it as a factual statement ("This website gives me these permissions/privileges"), and it was one more statement among many stream-of-consciousness statements.

It's left to the reader to interpret to what degree that power was abused / could be abused, so I'm left wondering if people actually have different images in their minds. Even though they all call it "worrisome," or "terrifying." No one elaborates so we all feel in agreement. IDK if it helps at all to get into specifics, but if we did I wonder if we'd all have different interpretations of that thread.


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Agreed, it was cool to see some people trying to talk directly to the person in an empathetic tone. It didn't seem totally effective but worth the try. I ultimately didn't do this, but I thought about submitting to the truerandomthoughts sub posts like "It is OK to take a tactical retreat" or "Even people trying their best to do good things can do bad, even especially when their values are compelling and pure."


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You're right, taken private. I just mean it's inaccessible and likely to remain so.

There was a true-crime sort of thrill reading it, I got sucked in. And I'm not generally a true-crime stan. Also there was a sense of control - I was reading & finding out more about somebody on what seemed like a personal level, even as it seemed even more sinister or threatening.

I doubt that was all fake, given the months-long engagement and more. More likely to be a professional group operation making a character, than one person writing from a fake personality. But just one person dealing with their issues seems most likely to me.