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No, the louvers are tilted for privacy, both from street level and building windows above.

The loos are also installed in high visibility spots that discourage peeping Toms and loitering.

Idk know about ‘body expulsion’ concerns… but open air dissipates smells quickly and it’s designed to be spray-washed clean.


candcNYC t1_jabuhyc wrote

The website FAQ is pretty interesting. Eg:

>How often do we need to clean The Portland Loo®? In Portland they get cleaned 2-5 times a day. There is also a number to report incidents inside the restroom for cleaning.

>How does The Portland Loo® address the issue of drug use? The Portland Loo® uses angled louvers for police and security to limit privacy. The Portland Loo® also uses blue lights to prevent drug users from locating veins.  

>How does The Portland Loo® help reduce inappropriate use such as prostitution and drugs? The open bottom and top of the restroom allow sight lines and sounds to carry outside the restroom. The restroom should be sited with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Designs (CPTED) that places the restroom in visible areas that prevent crime with open sight lines.

>How long can I expect The Portland Loo® to last? With proper maintenance The Portland Loo® is expected to last up to one hundred years.