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>A lot of inflation is being caused by energy costs

And why is the energy cost suddenly so high? And why concentrated in Europe, at the same time?

Answer: A lot of inflation is being caused by energy costs. Electricity prices have increased across the EU. This is due to a combination of factors, but mostly high natural gas prices. In June, Russia cut deliveries of Natural gas by 75%, causing skyrocketing of energy prices in the EU. Russia did this as a response to the EU and US actions against Russia's attempt to gain control of Ukraine.

Luckily, not everyone loses. Because at the same time the EU stops buying energy from Russia, to cover for the energy loss, now the EU has to buy more energy from the US. It's very good news for the US - billions of dollars of business, while Russia loses billions of dollars.

So the next time are in the store and notice that €10 can now buy only half of the food it could a year ago, you might be angry and sad. But instead, be happy, because it's for a good cause - otherwise Ukraine would again have a regime which is Russia friendly. Unacceptable. We will gladly pay half our food to stop that from happening.

The bad news is, the prices will never come back down, but eventually, in around 10-15 years, the salaries will catch up to the new higher prices.


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Big money are even bigger now, relatively and absolutely, than x decades ago. If you have a revenue of $100 million it might be profitable to influnce some politics, but if you have $22 bn like some large companies such as Pfizer, it's profitable to even gain 5% positive sentiment for a single new product, even if you have to pay $10 m to influence social media such as Reddit, Twitter, and another $100 m to lobby FDA and it's counterparts, especially EU and FDA. It would be profitable for sure, to some extent. If they do it, who knows. Maybe they are ethical and allows us to discuss freely and openly about their products pros and cons, without intercepting. Would you? If you had a button to press, generate $1 bn by influencing social media? If you wouldn't, and you worked at marketing at a large corporation, do you think you would be replaced by someone who would? Interesting thoughts.


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In Europe we have common laws for food regulation, and then we have national laws regulating food as well. Just like in the US you have federal and state. It's literally like writing "In the US (California) stuff works like this and that". A california resident might not know exactly what laws are federal and what are state, but they are applicable just the same. It's just like here in the EU (Sweden).


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In Europe (Sweden), they inject water into chicken to inflate the weight and price. They aren't allowed to do it normally, so they put salt in the water and call it "marinade" - that way they sell it as tendered chicken, or marinated chicken. It's hard to find chicken which is not 80% chicken and 20% added water. If it's deep frozen, you need to thaw it and throw the water away - if you put the chicken parts frozen into a container and into the oven, it will become soup and boil instead of grilled.


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And many of the high profile nazis were not only spared, but smuggled out, saved and given wealth and great jobs by the US. Google Operation Paperclip

Edit: Shame on you downvoting just because you don't like the history. It's people like you, willfully ignorant, who suppress and ignores history, enabling it to happen again and again. Shame on you, defenders of nazis.


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A woman death causes more contempt as their lives are generally considered to be more protected, as helpless or innocent victims. The reason why you heard about them is because whomever telling you, wants you to get as angry and contemptful as possible, against the regime (rightfully so I suppose). In this day and age, we have to be more aware of propaganda on all sides.


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How do we sell things to men? Let's try using beautiful faces of women. Wow that worked over expectations. It's not a bad omen, it's maximizing profits by hijacking basic human instincts like the urge for beauty youth and reproduction


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Disturbing business practice. I don't understand how many 10³ is. I guess it's 101010 = 1000. If that's correct, then it's 200,000 Americans being severely affected that day, if each flight have like 200 passengers.