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I heard water originally came from within, hydrogen and oxygen spewing out from within. If this happens near a deep sea bed, it means the water is not salty nor cold, which means it's less dense than surrounding water, and should flow upwards. Will this create a plume of fresh water slowly smoking upwards to shallower waters?


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5 -These seem to vary a lot from line to line. I read that these fancy brands like Ralph Lauren/Marc Jacobs have 3-5 different quality subdivisions. The cheapest ones are in 3-pack or more. These I had a long time ago, things might have changed, but they were shit quality. The best ones I have ever had is by far Hugo (Hugo Boss split into 2 divisions, Boss and Hugo). The ones I have have stitched letters and red color in the stretch part. Price was like $30 for 2 iirc.