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I found ice on the INSIDE of my windows the morning. Basically the condensation dropped down to the bottom of the pane and the glass was cold enough for it to freeze. Inside.


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Downtown Westerly is really nice - it's a short strip with a nice downtown feel with Wilcox park running right behind it. There's several restaurants and nice little bars in the area, a few antique and curiosity shops, and a small movie theater. Grey Sail brewery is right around the corner, as well as Cottrell brewery right over the river in Pawcatuck (more or less a 5 minute drive between the two). There's the Malted Barley on main street, it's a decent sized brew pub with a good variety of craft beers and some pretty good pretzels. If it's not too cold out you could go for a walk in Wilcox park to work up an appetite, it's a really nice walk around the park even in the winter and they usually have some sort of festive decorations hanging up.

There's a couple art galleries downtown as well.


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I'd recommend getting an actual welding jacket with a protective snap collar and made out of actual fire resistant material. I think I got mine off Amazon for like $20, it doesn't need to be anything fancybut after the first couple hot pieces of slag got down my collar I learned my lesson lol


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This all seems well and good but when my carry guns all carry 10+... I'm not going to stop carrying or subject myself to a restriction that lessens MY odds should I need it, but I'm also not looking forward to any legal issues that might arise should that be the case. But I'd rather deal with legal issues than the alternative.


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This is the route I went. 5 years at URI, a couple of those commuting at home and the rest living off-campus, ended up graduating not only not in-debt but with several thousand in my bank account. Stayed in the Rhode Island National Guard and have been on a good track ever since. It's not for everyone, but it's an option.