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In the same vein I pose another question. Im not going to argue what you say wouldnt work because it doesnt. Fuck not being able to own land. Should people be allowed to have personal property or should it all be owned by corporations and capitalist institutions that charge you rent or a subscription fee so you can use their property? That is the end result of unfettered capitalism. Its already happening. Corporatism is effectively capitalist communism. You will own nothing and be happy.


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Oh and CMP IS planning a delivery rate hike next year as well. This is fucking ridiculous. We need a better option than for profit utility companies. Fuck CMP, Versant and the PUC.


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Get over what exactly? That Trump is a traitorous conman who tried to subvert and effectively destroy democracy in this country? Get over the fact that he utilized the privileges and protections of the presidency to try to avoid his legal trouble? Get over the fact that that orange catastrophe helped bring out the absolute worst of the american people and make it "acceptable" in general society? Get over the spineless Republicans that refused to have some fucking guts and stand up to that narcissistic POS? Or maybe get over the fact that Moscow Mitch vowed to not work with the Democrats AT ALL and stand in the way of all of the Biden administrations policy goals? How the absolute fuck can "people" like that claim to want whats best for the American people then act like fucking children and refuse anything if it isnt them getting their way and their way only? Plot twist! Republicans want whats best for the rich and for corporations. They do not care about ths American people. They do not and will not protect any rights or freedoms but will do everything they can to slowly erode the rights of everyone in this country that isnt a rich, white, "christian", heterosexual male. Democrats suck. Make now doubt about that but only because they dont have the balls to go on the offensive against right-wing insanity. The GOP is straight up evil and COMPLETELY unamerican.


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The thing is the stupid people arent in the back anymore. They are front and center and VERY energized by this kind of shit. We cant just sit back and think "psh dumb people wont do anything". Look at the state of this country. Dumb people are doing A LOT of damage and are fixing to do a lot more because of the lies and scare tactics that are being VERY successfully deployed by the right...


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Everyone lies. You lie. I lie. We all lie. When its this kind of endless, blatant bullshit though it becomes laughable but also extremely troubling because so many people believe the absolute horseshit that endlessly comes out of the right wing. Democrats lie too but Republicans do it WAY more and lie about worse things.