cark t1_j9wtrdj wrote

> despite the authors wordy arguments AI requires input and only that input (however jumbled) will be returned on a query. if it were really creative it could dream up something on its own and populate a blank sheet of paper with something novel. AI isn't creative. the people that program it might be.

I'm not saying AI is there yet, but I have to disagree there. What would be the, presumably magical, property of the human brain that would make it work outside of its past input ? We also are merely jumbling the input to produce our output. Part of this input is innate, part is learned or sensed, and part is randomness. If the creative output is the result of a creative process that takes place in the brain, that computation is still a physical process. That process does take place in the physical realm and as such must be the result of some initial conditions.

That "jumbling" you're dismissively referring to is how we eventually got to be humans in the first place. The highly evolved, and selected for, brain we enjoy is the product of such a process. Not only that, but the brain also works that way too ! Besides the input data I evoked earlier, we're subjected to randomness by the very act of perceiving that same input. We're directed jumbling machines ourselves.

Current AI algorithms and model sizes may not be up to par yet, their creativity remaining quite benign. But this is creativity nonetheless.