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So I need clarification on this. I’m a Cali resident but not with a Los Angeles street address and I don’t see that they’ve opened it up to outsiders without physically going to LA. Where are you seeing out of state e-cards for $50?

“I don't live in Los Angeles, may I still apply for an e-card?

Anyone may apply for a full-access library card by visiting one of our library locations with identification and proof of address.”

Edit: and I just tried to apply for a card and it told me that I needed a LA address to apply for a card. So. Yah, I’m not seeing that they’re allowing out of county - or state - cards.


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We just had a family member pass away from this. I wish you the best of luck and most positive vibes in the universe. You can do it!💓

Ps. It was really smart to make this for family. You should share with your care team too! :)


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Usually because the folks who are doing pain management research aren’t actually pain management sufferers. I work adjacently to healthcare in which I review educational protocols for health higher ed. I was shocked to learn that a ‘new’ pain management teaching module did absolutely everything but discuss opiates. Which, fine - for the times it makes a sad kind of sense. But, there was literally nothing new in their protocols. And it didn’t even address part of the issues which is that some of the more holistic approaches (yoga, those fancy sea salt soak pods, acupuncture) are terribly expensive and many aren’t covered by insurance. So they build up protocols that nobody but the rich can use, and wonder why the poor are relying on opiates to be able to make it through a work day.

TLDR: we are avoiding the money problem in healthcare.