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I mean this is exactly the argument used in San Francisco to keep supply constrained and home prices high in a few select areas.

Improving any neighborhood makes it more expensive. But overall prices will fall if there are more livable neighborhoods. In this case, other parts of JC will be cheaper if Bayonne is seen as comparably attractive as DT.


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Better public transportation.

Building more housing isn't enough, you need to build housing that people demand. The top criteria for many people is commute time.

If you improve public transportation such that every neighborhood currently 1h away from Manhattan is now 30min away, you just massively increased the supply of demanded housing.

Imagine being able to reach Manhattan reliably in under 30 minutes from West Side/Bayonne. That effectively increases supply and will take pricing pressure off downtown.


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People on this sub really love their small businesses.

Forcing them to choose between getting paid and cancelling events that are already booked.

902 really should have scrolled through reddit every night after working their ass off in the day to know which clients are permissible by redditors.


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If you're immunocompromised, you're vulnerable to many diseases, not just Covid. Source: was immunocompromised for a long time due to medications.

Why does OP only care about Covid protocols? There are many other pathogens that spread via all sorts of means. It's much safer to workout outdoors or at home.

Kettle bells, resistance bands, etc. are cheap and effective for home workouts. Plus it actually keeps you safe instead of giving you the illusion you're safe. Covid spread through my kid's school despite the strictest rules (open windows in winter, full masking).


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HEPA filters are not nearly as effective as condoms lol.

Condoms are close to 100% effective if used correctly but even the best HEPA is not gonna do shit if some sick guy coughs near you.

What you're doing is equivalent to doing oral sex instead of penetrative sex thinking that it will save you from STDs. Sure your risks are lower, but it's still significant.


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Then stay home!

You can't be like "I really can't afford to bring covid home" but wanna go to public gyms/supermarkets/restaurants/work places.

A HEPA filter helps but it's not even close to being as effective as a "condom against gonorrhea" like you said. You will be exposed to plenty of viruses and bacteria (not just Covid) in a gym regardless.


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Seems like you and your partner already had Covid and have vaccinated at least 3 times based on your post history.

Your hybrid immunity should be very good at this point (this is from well established peer review studies) so you shouldn't worry more about Covid than other respiratory infections.

Not exercising because you couldn't find a "safe" gym may be worse for your health in the long-term.


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Don't ever trust Reddit. Many Redditors are just kids fantasizing about sticking it to employers,

Sometimes, there are mutually beneficial things to do, like giving a salary range to save people time. You don't need to stick it to employers to further your own career goals.