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Reply to Ice cream truck by krizzqy

I hear them in NW but they never visit my street! It's one the weird "the street is two way but so narrow people have to take turns" streets. I want a cone so bad I have to go to Rita's.


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That seems high, but you'd have to say more about what's included. Is labor included? What about parts? Do you get "priority" for emergency calls? I would call around and see what people are offering. I just called the places that I saw coming to my neighbors' houses.

Often times the initial visit is the hook to get you to get an annual Maintainance plan.


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We'd heard too many horror stories of insurance and property taxes not being paid correctly. We also used to get a small discount for paying our property taxes "early" so we never did escrow. So far it's been fine. The insurance is paid online at the same time every year and they send us a tax bill which we also pay online. That was there is no "slush" and we can use the extra money for other things.


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It was! I saw the Supremes and Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons from my Dad's shoulders at like five years old. Bike rides on the boardwalk at sunrise. the Steel Pier and the diving horse. Hot Belgian Waffles with ice cream after a day at the beach. It was a magical place.

Now it is sad but it might be different.