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The ticketed seating area shuts down after the last Amtrak departure of the night, which is currently around 9 PM. LIRR of course is 24/7, so if you go to a game at MSG you have to stand around until your train instead of sitting in a waiting room like a civilized human.


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No, seating has been physically closed off behind locked gates and roped off areas, which has directly negatively impacted me quite a few times recently when wanting to grab something to eat before getting on Metro North to head to Westchester. Maybe when East Side Access opens they'll reopen the seating in the Dining Concourse since one of the main paths to get to the LIRR will be that way but for now it's been intentionally turned into a shell of it's former self.


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> I think to make this somewhat efficient they really need to redesign the seats so that more of them can be folded up and strollers aren’t in the way. I’m not sure what that looks like but it should at least be considered.

Montreal actually has that solved. It's a pretty simple solution: seats that by default are folded into the up position. See here: and It also makes the wheelchair boarding process slightly quicker as a nice bonus.