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More and more I feel a huge driving force being the crypto fad was driven by Russia's Internet Research Agency (a troll farm) to massively redistribute wealth and launder money. By no means the only force, but the crossover of personalities favoring it and involved in Russian narratives is hard to take as a coincidence. I'm speculating too much, to be fair, and sadly the anonymous nature and lack of investigative resources to try and identify any trends will likely mean we'll never know who truly profited from the crypto scheme.


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Yeah, that spoke volumes about his character. It says a lot that he is walking away from the UFC, while its president sticks around after beating his wife in public with no repercussions from Endeavor or Disney.

My hope is that Francis leads the charge for a union when he retires from fighting.


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Fans definitely share a certain responsibility here as well. Unfortunately a significant portion of the fanbase subscribes to the "just bleed" mantra, as many of those who care about the fighters have stepped away from the sport due to the lack of protections for fighter well-being.


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Math is obviously extremely useful, but just because a mathematical formula exists does not mean that there is an equivalent behavior in reality, particularly one that there is zero real-world evidence to support and is unproveable. Perhaps that will change in the future (though I'd argue it's safe to say it won't any time soon) but at this time it is absolutely ascientific.


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Multiverses are ascientific. And they are getting excessive attention because it seems 'cool' and scientists are all too happy to romanticize it for the attention. But we need to stop pushing it so much. It is akin to a religious belief, which is fine if you want to hold that belief, but don't paint it as scientific or in line with our current understanding. It is an extreme application of math (quantum wave function) to reality without the ability to test and validate, and zero evidence for it within our current scientific understanding.